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Affordable Home Inspections Baton Rouge is serving the Home Inspection needs of the entire South East of Louisiana; within 120 miles ALL directions from Baton Rouge: From Crowley to Pearl River;...Houma to Alexandria;...New Orleans to Clinton; and all points in between...Lafayette / Patterson / Gonzales. / Prairieville / Morgan City / New Iberia / Slidell / Marksville / Gueydan / St. Francisville / Amite / Opelousas / Kentwood / Bogalusa / Covington / LaPlace / Hammond and many more. 7 days a week, since 2000.

Three things:   1. )  Onsite inspection. Approximately 2 hours or more.
2.)  Office preparation of your personalized custom report, with photos.
3.) Receipt of your report, and copies of your home inspection agreement; invoice and State Standards of Practice.

      Foundation; Structure, and Crawl Spaces: Inspection of the foundation, and construction and ventilation, insulation and condition of attics, and under house crawl spaces, looking for cracks, water and insect damage. Damage / Rot is evaluated for structural significance.Exterior Systems: House Exterior surfaces and construction. Walls, Doors, Windows, Stairs and Railings, Porches, Patios, Chimneys, Spark screens and Rain caps, Carports, Garages, Sidewalks and Driveways, and their Grading and Drainage.

      Roofs: Their conditions, penetrations, flashing, construction and drainage, insulations, and ventilations. Inspecting for damage, signs of water incursion, need for repair.Plumbing: Water and Gas. Inspection of Main and Supply systems, components and disconnects Drainage and waste and cleanouts, Modad systems. All faucets, toilets, tubs, spas, showers, sinks and spray wands, for operation, overflow protections, and Functional Flow, and natural gas and propane systems. Identifying possible Polybutylene plumbing.Electrical: Inspect Service type and conditions, Main panels, Distribution panels, disconnects, Grounding and bonding, outlets and switches, Inspecting for needs for repair, safety concerns; such as comparison of wire ga. size to ampacity of overprotection devices for correct sizes. (a potential fire hazard if improper), hot/neutral reverse outlets, aluminum branch circuit wiring, possible recalls, and many other concerns. Includes operation of ALL GFCI's, and AFCI's.

     Water Heaters: Inspect units and burner compartments and ventings for proper installations, Tpr valves and drains, and overflow protection, bonding and safety concerns.

     Heating, Fireplaces, and Dryer venting, An evaluation of accessible burner flames and compartments, Flues, venting, need for maintenance or repair, Dampers, walls, panels and doors, proper installations /safety of components.

     Interior systems: Report on the condition of interior floors, doors, halls, walls, ceilings, closets, stairs, and Fire safety, smoke and CO alarms. Possible Chinese drywall. Kitchens and Appliances: The condition of the cabinetry, counters, pantries, stoves and ovens and their venting, trash compactors, disposals, dishwashers.

     Interior Air Handlers: AC interior components including thermostats, filters, distribution, overflow protections, temperature differential, and needs for repair.
     Not all Inspectors have a Universal HVAC refrigerant handlers license from the EPA to handle all AC refrigerants.   I do. 
     Exterior Condensers: Their installation, condition, and operation. Pads, lines, disconnects and protection devices.

(What other Home Inspectors WONT TELL YOU!) 

All Inspectors in the State of Louisiana are to inspect and report in a manner in accordance with the State Standards of Practice. If you will view the copy of this LSBHI document available here on my website, you may note the repeating phrase, "a representative number".
To paraphrase this concept, it simply says the Inspector shall inspect, operate, and report on "representative number" of interior doors and operation of windows, cabinets, closets, and electrical outlets and switches. This is usually 1 per room per exterior wall.
The LSBHI Standards must be followed by ALL Louisiana Home Inspectors,
and are what I strive to adhere to in my Standard Inspection and Report.

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Services and Pricing:


Inspection and Report:

        A complete general Home Inspection & Report in a fast, simple, easy-to-read color highlighted checklist format with personalized hand written findings & up to a dozen color photos. You can expect: approximately 2-3 hours of onsite inspection; and
to learn things
that you did not know about the property; regardless of whether you've lived there all your life or are a new buyer.
Meets or exceeds the LA State Standards of Meets or exceeds the LA State Standards of Practice for Home Inspections.

FROM: $295

Not a misprint!
* Less than 1500 total square feet, on slab, less than 1 years old.
Mileage and other fees may apply.

Limited Inspections

*from $180.00

     Evaluation limited in scope to 1 or more, but not all of a homes components. Example: Roof only, or Mechanical;  or Plumbing, Heat/AC, or Electrical, or other combinations of systems.

Termite Damage Structural Evaluation Letter     *from $180.00

                       Mechanical Inspections                  *from $275.00
Includes inspection of Plumbing, Electrical, Water Heaters, Air Conditioning & Kitchen Appliances

Termite Damage Structural Evaluation Letter       *from $180.00

Duplexes, Condos, Townhomes, Apartment Buildings
Single Townhomes from $295. Duplexes from $425.

        Investigative Inspection                                  *from $180.00
 Evaluation of a particular circumstance. Example: Was my roof properly repaired after the storm damage?

            Manufactured Homes                                   *from $295.00
Includes inspection for proper strapping and anchors, polybutylene plumbing, etc.

New Home Inspection "PLUS "
                                    (Blue Tape Inspection)                   
Complete general inspection "plus"
- Using easily removable blue painters tape to identify areas of concern in the home from foundation to ceiling. (I used an extending painters pole for ceilings.)

   Why get a home inspection on a new house? Because new homes are held to a higher standard. On a recent new home walk through and inspection, with the developer I observed there was no main electrical disconnect in the main panel.  The only way to turn it off or on was to pull the meter.  Many times I've found an undersized wire on an over amped breaker installed in a brand new home.  This is a potential fire hazard from the day it is installed.

Contaminated or Chinese or Toxic drywall

     Inspections for Chinese Drywall to conform to CDC (Center for Disease Control) and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) protocols.
     This is a 2 - phase process:
     First; An Inspection for Preliminary Indications of possible Toxic drywall. Typically $180.00 (plus mileage). This represents (2) hours;(1) hour of onsite Inspection; & (1) hour of report building atoffice, with color photos, at $90.00 per hour. Dozens performed, has never exceeded (2) hours.
     Second; If (2) or more Indicators are present, Destructive sampling for independent laboratory analysis / 
test for elemental sulphurs is strongly recommended and available; starting at $250.00 per sample taken. For each sample, I take (2) (approx. 2") plugs from a discrete location; (1) to be tested in the lab; and (1) to store as a control. Results in 10-15 days. Other lab tests available. Reduced rates for multiple samples. Call today for quote & to schedule your Inspection.



• ASHI and NACHI Certified

• 100's of inspections completed as a Baton 
  Rouge Home Inspector.

• Master Carpenter and Journeyman Mason
   25 plus years Remodeling contractor in
   South Louisiana. Lifelong Louisiana native
   makes me familiar with our unique
   conditions and buildings.

• Affiliate member of Greater Baton Rouge
   Association of Realtors

• EPA\HVAC universal refrigerant handler's
   license. Qualified to handle all classes of air
   conditioning refrigerant.

• State Licensed. #10191 (Since 2001)

* Mileage, State taxes, and other fees may apply. Additional fee for raised crawl space, for buildings
over 1 year old, and additional major appliances. Prices subject to change.


Call today for your personal quote!

Toll Free (866) 757-2936 / Local (225) 603-4221 or (225) 753-7792