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"Know before you buy."



• ASHI and NACHI Certified

• 100's of inspections completed as a Baton Rouge Home Inspector.

• Master Carpenter and Journeyman Mason   "25 plus years Remodeling contractor in   South Louisiana." "Lifelong Louisiana native makes me familiar with our unique conditions and buildings."

• Affiliate member of Greater Baton Rouge  Association of Realtors.

• EPA\HVAC universal refrigerant handler's license. Qualified to handle all classes of air conditioning refrigerant.

• State Licensed. #10191 (Since 2001)

Why should I get a Home Inspection Report?

~Peace of Mind~ 

Each Home is a unique fusion; of systems and circumstances.
Purchasing one can be stressful. 
I don't need to remind you that
Buying a Home is a complex and expensive decision...

There is no substitute
for the Peace of Mind a professional Home Inspection provides.

~Would YOU like to Find Out?~
you've purchased 
YOUR Dream Home!?
That it has:
Unsafe wiring!; or,
 leaky plumbing or roof!; 
or  Expensive repair concerns!?

"Know BEFORE you buy."

Why choose an ASHI Certified Inspector?

BECAUSE: The Best decisions are made with the help of professional information.


    You deserve the best! You need fast, accurate information from someone who has professional knowledge of all the complex systems of your home; not just a hasty drive by, and an ASHI Inspector delivers. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) is nationally recognized as the most professional and elite Home Inspection Society in America. Just as your home is unique; not all Home Inspectors are the same. Unlike some other Home Inspector organizations, where paying the dues entitles an Inspector to use their logo, not every Inspector who wishes to pay the ASHI dues will pass to become a Certified member! Your ASHI Inspector has been rigorously trained and tested for knowledge, professionalism, and experience. ALL home inspectors in the state of Louisiana must be certified by the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors and conform to the State Standards. In addition to this, an ASHI Certified Inspector has submitted multiple inspection reports for review by the National ASHI board, and been found to meet and pass their high standards. Some don’t make it! Even if you don’t choose me, choosing another Certified ASHI Inspector means your inspection and report will conform to the highest industry standards!

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